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THE LEFTOVERS Season 3 Premiere + The Case for Azrael

When THE LEFTOVERS started, I was certain we’d never see an ending. Nobody would watch this depressing, spiral of a slice’o’life. Like 1% of the world in the first episode, it would depart without getting...

A Good and Useful Hurt, by Aric Davis 0

Review: A Good and Useful Hurt, by Aric Davis

Official Synopsis Mike is a tattoo artist running his own shop, and Deb is the piercing artist he hires to round out the motley crew at his studio of four. The last thing either...

The Mysterious Rose Madder Painting 0

Review: Rose Madder, by Stephen King

Official Synopsis After 14 years of being beaten, Rose Daniels wakes up one morning and leaves her husband — but she keeps looking over her shoulder, because Norman has the instincts of a predator....