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Reading Roundup! February 2018

I had a slightly slower month for reading in February, because I was hopelessly distracted with Final Fantasy XIV all month. They pushed out an update that included some housing releases, and I spent all my time breathlessly decorating. Because The Sims just isn’t enough for me, I guess!

Also, I was reading a lot of physical books which, for some reason, I read a hell of a lot slower than ebooks? This is a phenomenon I can’t explain. Next month, I plan to give my Kindle some love.



Reading Roundup! January 2018

I kicked off the year with a respectable 5-book-month in January. Is that not a lot? Are you not impressed? (Don’t answer that)

Here’s a roundup of my reviews and brief thoughts/senseless gushing!


2017: My year in books!

2017 was one of the best years in reading I’ve had in ages. Goodreads tells me I read 30 books, and 11,540 pages. There were a few in there that I didn’t finish, so that’s not entirely accurate, but I’m pretty proud of myself.

This pales in comparison to some of you folks, but previously I’ve averaged about 12 books a year – with some dismal years showing counts as low as 3 books for the whole year.

Some things changed in my life to allow this, as did my approach to reading.


Music for Writing #HEROIC: THEMEX, Hiroyuki Sawano

It’s both day five of Nanowrimo, and daylight savings time. Some of us are especially grateful for that extra hour tonight to catch up on word counts. How are you feeling so far?

Here’s a favorite piece of mine that may match how badass you’re feeling at this point. You’ve got a great idea! You have great characters! You haven’t slacked yet! You’re a fucking hero and you’re going to knock this Nanowrimo shit out of the park!


I am very surprised to declare that I am participating in Nanowrimo 2017

Yesterday, I was lounging about without a care in the world, browsing the internet and having a great time doing nothing productive whatsoever. My phone dinged that a new episode of Writing Excuses podcast was available: Nanowrimo 2017 Primer.

My first thought was a panic, “Nanowrimo? That means Halloween is almost over!”

My second thought, an unexpected jolt, “GOD DAMMIT, I’M GOING TO DO NANOWRIMO THIS YEAR.” I’m not kidding when I say last minute preparations.

Where this epiphany came from, I have no idea. I haven’t done Nanowrimo in years. Do I have an idea ready to go? About as much of an idea as what I’m going to answer the next person who asks me, “What do you want for dinner?”