Ramin Djawadi is a treasure we don’t deserve.

I will not talk about the Game of Thrones finale. The horse is dead.

But I will talk about the staff that put their blood, sweat, and tears into this project and receive little public acknowledgement for their efforts.

Among them is Ramin Djawadi, whose music I hold largely responsible for tricking so many people into taking any of this seriously. Nearly every memorable scene from the show is permanently linked in my mind with one of this iconic tracks.

!! There probably be SPOILERS here !!

The Light of the Seven

Remember when the show knew how to do a build-up, and this song had us bursting in anticipation for ten fucking minutes? Did anyone not cheer for the villain here? I dare you to listen to this song without seeing the whole thing play down again in your head.

The Night King

How could we not be held on the edge of our seats, convinced that everything was about to end for our characters when this song played? Sure, it was literally the soundtrack to the writers performing sUbVeRsIoN, but we didn’t know it then!

The Bells

And, hello, the most intense stare down in television history was largely made by this incredible track that had me on the verge of losing it to the sound of bells, myself. Thank you, Ramin, for releasing this track so I can re-experience the intensity without also witnessing character assassination.

So, apparently, he’s HBO’s secret weapon??

Today, I discovered that he’s also responsible for the Westworld soundtrack. Have I mentioned that I endured season two of that show based purely on how good the music was?

I mean, seriously. Way to elevate the script.

He’s also done music for things like… uh. Warcraft. Slender Man. Clash of the Titans. And I’m starting to wonder if he’s ever going to get a project worthy of his music?? If I follow his projects, am I going to continually run into really awful writing masked by incredible music?


I’m preparing to gargle the bad taste Game of Thrones left in my mouth with a reread of the books. George R.R. Martin recently gave New Zealand permission to imprison him if he doesn’t have a completed manuscript by his visit in 2020, and I’m being optimistic. Maybe the poor reception to someone else’s take on his work will motivate him to get it done.

And while I’m rereading, I’ll have the faces of the wonderful actors that did a consistently fantastic job bringing the characters to life. It will be so much easier keeping track of who’s-who this time.

Along the way, I’ll have Ramin Djawadi’s music to play in the background. A Song of Ice and Fire couldn’t have asked for a better soundtrack.

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  1. Keith says:

    Medal of Honor video game soundtrack is where I discovered him. Check it out if you haven’t. His work is always exceptional.

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