I hate everything about this season, but I kinda can’t wait for the next episode


It’s dying, and it pains me, but I’m still really, really, looking forward to next week.

Here I am to dutifully check in with my thoughts after this week’s Game of Thrones – Season 8 Episode 4: The Last of the Starks.


There were some pretty exciting theories stirring last week regarding the Three Eyed Raven, that could have saved a lot of the disappointment in last week’s The Long Night. I’m still not convinced we’re entirely finished with that plot line – there’s bound to be more from the Children of the Forest, and Bran the Three Eyed Raven.

But as they say in the east, and on t-shirts of everyone from the “I don’t read” Twitter-reacts crowd – “Not today.”

For now, the endgame threat really is Cersei.

Cersei Lannister, whose entire character arc has been about her manufacturing her own downfall due to recklessness, and isn’t nearly as smart as she thinks. Out of nowhere, she’s a military mastermind posing a greater threat than the Night King himself.

Because outfit changes.

Criticism over this episode have been covered widely, so I won’t go into it much. They’re teleporting between bullet points written on a yellow legal pad, with zero regard to character development, or set up. This easily could have gone on another season to flesh out – and people would be happy to watch. As it stands, the areas they’ve cut corners have become glaringly obvious as we approach the endgame. Characters in the final act have not properly worked up to where they need to be, and none of this feels realistic or earned.

Despite all of this, I am really looking forward to next week’s episode, and I’ll tell you why.

If any character on this show has earned the right to lose their minds – it’s Daenerys.

I am team Dany. 100%. Bring on the Fire and Blood. I am ready to see her wreck shit, and I’m not particularly concerned with the outcome either. Fuck it all, let’s kill some people.

  • A fat drunk murdered her entire family when she was a baby because he got friend-zoned by a Stark
  • Lost Khal Drogo
  • Lost her baby
  • Was betrayed by her most trusted adviser (and still forgave him)
  • Left behind the empire she’d won for herself in Meereen to take this fucking throne because it’s her god damned birthright
  • Instantly loses the two houses that supported her and got her to Westeros
  • Lost a dragon to the Night King helping some dope wearing a rabbit scarf gEt a wIgHt tO cOnViNcE cErSeI
  • Lost the entire fucking Dothraki army to the undead, an army she spent THE WHOLE SHOW BUILDING UP totally extinguished in a stupid battle move that looked really cool
  • Loses Jorah Mormont
  • ??? Nobody is even fucking grateful. Turns out, she didn’t even need to be there! Arya could have teleported and ended it whether Dany was there or not. But no, let’s all clap Jon on the shoulder for drunk driving a dragon and accomplishing nothing
  • Finds out the throne isn’t actually her birthright after all, it goes to this dummy who can’t fly a dragon, wears rabbits around his neck, totally forgot his whole point in life was to face the Night King, and doesn’t even want the damn throne. I’d be like “WTF?” too.
  • Loses another dragon to rapey Jack Sparrow who just popped out of a god damned rock?!
  • Loses her best friend to a soccer mom and her Frankenstein
  • Is left now with like a dozen unsullied, one dragon, and a bunch of people scheming to betray her for no reason

This girl deserves to be pissed, and I’m all for it. This is earned. Let’s compare her motivations to other characters in the show:

  • Sansa is being portrayed as some crazy smart successor to Peter Baelish, but we have yet to see any remarkable manipulation on her part beyond some smug high school girl gossip. I guess Arya said she’s really smart, so she must be??
  • Cersei has devolved into a mustache twirling soccer mom. Her character development ended with the Sept of Baelor.
  • Jamie has been drifting from Cersei for ages now, enough so that he slept with Brienne. This is a BIG DEAL, because he has never, ever, slept with another woman. That he finally, for the first time, “cheats” on Cersei, and then instantly runs to her side, is nonsense. There has been zero development to suggest any misgivings or longing for his sister.
  • Euron is a straight up joke – I have no doubt that he’ll actually take a dragon down in the books. But it won’t be because he hid an entire fleet behind a rock, and managed to get three clean shots off from a moving boat before anyone’s noticed (and then they all miss 400 times when Drogon’s coming at them directly). It will be because he’s super scary, has the wizard from the House of the Undying, and a fucking horn that can bind dragons.
  • Varys is hating on Dany for no reason? Because she has dragons, maybe? The only thing she’s done to warrant suspicion is roast the Tarly’s last season – and everybody kinda thought he was an asshole anyway.
  • Jon Snow was never that interesting to begin with imo I give no fucks
  • Bran is a tree
  • Arya – adore her, but I don’t believe for one second that she’s not the first one hopping on a horse to murder Cersei. And honestly I don’t believe that she’s not totally enamored with the dragon queen just because Sansa said so, either.

Basically, Daenerys is the only character making any sort of sense on this show. Let’s have her moment. Burn the rest.

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