Remember when test footage of Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool made the internet collectively lose their shit back in 2014? Well, Nathan Fillion just did the same thing with Uncharted.

If you ever imagined Nathan Drake being portrayed by anyone but Nathan Fillion, you’re straight up delusional. Sorry about it. Roses are red. Violets are blue fucking violet. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool. NATHAN FILLION IS NATHAN DRAKE. Christ, they even share the same first name what more do you want!

Nathan Drake

And yet???

They’re already making an Uncharted movie? With someone else playing Drake??? Excuse me.

Okay, fine. They’re making a prequel. Starring Tom Holland. I don’t know, Tom. You’re make a cute Spiderman, but Nathan Drake you are not.

But Hollywood is dumb, and this is where we are. Fillion’s mini Uncharted movie is fantastic, and he nails the role as much as you expect him to. These 15 minutes may be the only 15 we ever see of it. Or.


Look. Nobody wanted to make a Deadpool movie, and Fox wasn’t even impressed with the test footage until that thing leaked and the internet went fucking bonkers. Is it too much to ask the same for Captain Tightpants playing the boy Tomb Raider? I mean, we got a Firefly movie to happen, right? It can happen. PEOPLE CAN DREAM!

Here’s the video. Tell your friends.

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