The End of an Era

George RR Martin's new Not a Blog

I’ve always admired George RR Martin’s stubborn refusal to move on from Livejournal. When the world moved on to MySpace, then Facebook, he just kept plugging away in the corner. Any time someone longingly reminisced about the good ‘ole days of LJ, someone would always say, “Well, Martin’s still using it. There’s nothing stopping the rest of us from going back.”

Of course, none of us ever did. Sometimes I would go back to my friend’s page to see if anyone was still using it, but it was just Martin post after Martin post. Trust him to keep that poor page active. The man single-handedly kept the world from forgetting that LJ ever existed.

And now, it’s gone.

Today, he ditched his Livejournal for a self-hosted blog. I admire the lengths his webmasters went in creating an experience almost identical to the old format. The man has userpics, alien moods on every post – the works! Can someone convince them to do what they’ve done there to bring Livejournal back for the rest of us? Please?

I can’t think of anyone even half as prolific still using the platform, so I guess that’s that. We’re off life support – it’s finally time to pronounce Livejournal dead.

Will there ever be another as great? Let us commemorate this passing by going through our embarrassing LJ posts still just sitting there for anyone to look at.

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