Music for Writing #HEROIC: THEMEX, Hiroyuki Sawano

It’s both day five of Nanowrimo, and daylight savings time. Some of us are especially grateful for that extra hour tonight to catch up on word counts. How are you feeling so far?

Here’s a favorite piece of mine that may match how badass you’re feeling at this point. You’ve got a great idea! You have great characters! You haven’t slacked yet! You’re a fucking hero and you’re going to knock this Nanowrimo shit out of the park!

THEMEX by Hiroyuki Sawano is used in the opening scenes of Xenoblade Chronicles X. Trust me, the song is nowhere near as lame as the title. It’s some chest-pounding, hero-barrelling-into-his-epic-journey realness. Perfect for the opening scenes of your next space opera. Or real life opera. Who cares! Get pumped!

Album: Xenoblade Chronicles X OST
Artist: Hiroyuki Sawano
Spotify | Amazon

This is a series to share music that inspires. Songs to create to. As it grows, the full collection will be found all in one place, right here. I hope you find they inspire you as well!

Along the way, I’d love to hear what inspires you. What do you listen to when you create? It doesn’t have to be just for writing. Has any song in particular inspired you to do something in the past?

Did THEMEX inspire you? Try using it as a writing prompt. What journey did this song take you on?

Let me know! Happy writing!

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