“Your Name” quenched my decade long anime thirst


I don’t know what the hell is going on in the world of anime any more, so forgive me for being late to the party here.

My last good anime binge was Madoka Magicka, and before that was… Death Note? Maybe. Did the new Evangelion movie ever come out? Did I even watch the last one? I have no idea.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since I kept up with all the latest shows. Until I recall that I got them all, fansubbed two or three days after airing, from an IRC channel. What even is that? Are those still a thing?

I like to tell myself that I’ve grown out of it. That’s a lie.

Deep down, I crave it. I want to cry at cartoons. I want to feel like a little kid, watching Sailor Moon transform for the very first time. I miss the melodrama. I miss the hyper comedy that only works in animation, with Japanese voice overs.

The trouble is, I’m a picky bitch and I don’t have the first clue where to find my next great obsession. In my IRC days, I would simply download the first episodes of everything airing and make my judgments based on that. That’s… something I don’t have time for any more.

So my craving has gone ignored, until it’s just a dull ache in the back of my mind.

If you were an anime fan in the early 00’s, you may share my experience. You are who I’m writing to now. Friends, my craving has been satisfied, and yours can be too!

Your Name

Your Name.

Holy shit, you guys. YOUR NAME.

It’s a film directed by some guy everyone’s hyped about that did a bunch of other movies everyone loved that I never saw. WHATEVER. This movie was AMAZING.

Your Name is a sort of deconstruction of the body swap trope that’s fairly common in anime. A boy and girl randomly wake up in the other’s body, no idea who they are, where they are, or what their lives are like. They go through their days, and wake up the next morning with only a vague recollection of what happened. All they have are the clues the other’s left behind, and the hilarious stories their concerned friends and family tell them of erratic behavior the day before.


There is a twist, let me tell you there is a twist, that adds a lot of weight and emotional oomph to what’s going on. I won’t go into details, but this film is 100% worth tracking down and watching with your honey for the night. It’s BEAUTIFUL, the soundtrack is great, and the story it has to tell is incredibly unique and touching. I don’t think this would work as anything but what it is.

That’s my story! I don’t know where to go from here but, for tonight, my anime thirst is quenched.

I’ll be checking out the rest of this director’s catalogue for more of this goodness. If you have any other tips for recent anime gems, I’d love to hear them!

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