Assassin’s Quest 20th Anniversary Edition is available for preorder

Assassin's Quest 20th Anniversary Edition Harper Collins UK

Harper Collins UK has been quietly publishing these beautiful editions with baffling zero fanfare, so I’m going to trumpet this far and wide: ASSASSIN’S QUEST 20th Anniversary Edition will be released November 2nd, and is available for preorder from Amazon UK.

These editions are the every-man’s opportunity to own The Farseer Trilogy in hardcover. They’re cloth-bound with silver gilded edges, a handy ribbon, and end-papers with new artwork by John Howe. Here’s an in depth look at the first book in this edition by YouTuber BookCravings:


Honestly, I like these classy editions even more than the Subterranean Press editions. And they’re a hit at signings! Everyone deserves nice copies of their favorite books. Your shelves deserve nice copies of your favorite books. You deserve nice copies of your favorite books. Treat yourself!

I don’t think these are intended to be limited editions, as ROYAL ASSASSIN is still available, and ASSASSIN’S APPRENTICE only recently went out of stock with the promise of more coming. But as quiet as Harper Collins has been about these editions, there’s no telling when they’ll cease printing so get your copies now!

There’s some added cost to importing these to the US, but trust me when I say it’s worth it to have one of your favorite trilogies in such elegant display. Assassin’s Quest runs £40.00, which is about $52. Royal Assassin is only £26.00 at the moment – $34.

For such beautiful editions, books you can hand down to your children, this is a steal.

Here’s hoping we see something similar for THE LIVESHIP TRADERS. Harper Collins, are you listening?

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