Cyber Squatting is Lame

So, here’s the thing: about a year ago, I got this Really Cool Job.

Really Cool Job allowed me to travel for months at a time, and I got to do things I didn’t think I would ever get to do.

But, Really Cool Job led to a promotion into Less Cool Job, which involved working insane hours and none of these cool traveling things I was doing before. While working Less Cool Job, I kind of forgot about my neat little blog. And may have, perhaps, forgotten to renew my domain name.

Which was swiftly snatched up by some mouth breathing cyber squatter, who was so kind as to offer it back at the generous sum of $500.

I'll bet Trump is a cyber squatter.

Lesson learned: do not allow your domains to expire.

Luckily, the original domain I wanted was available, so here we are! Erase This is gone, and it shall be!

Now that Less Cool Job is out of the picture, I’m looking forward to resume pitching my thoughts into the void.

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