The Xenoblade X Soundtrack is Here and it’s Glorious

Xenoblade OST Cover

While we still have a bit to wait for Xenoblade X to make it stateside, here’s a few hours worth of music to mull you over. Spanning four discs and 55 tracks, this soundtrack is no joke.

It’s composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, who you may recognize from the wildly popular Attack on Titan series. Every track is full of chest thumping hype hype hype! with a few surprises thrown in – I swear they’ve got Mike Shinoda rapping in the battle them. Is it just me?

There is an unusual amount of vocals happening here, but I think they’ll fit right in with the open-world approach they’re taking to the game. I’m down with jamming out to some Japanese Linkin Park while I fly around in a robot. Why not?

Here’s a few of my favorite tracks so far. As you should with pretty much the whole soundtrack, listen to it loud with plenty of bass. Get ready to feel like a bad ass!




You can import a copy from CD Japan, or download it from iTunes Japan. Or – let’s be honest – sample the whole thing on Youtube. Just don’t expect to remember any of the track names, because what the fuck.

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