A Rare Look Inside the Heart of Islamic State

Whenever you have an hour to kill, you should watch this documentary. How they managed to get a reporter this ingrained with ISIL for three weeks without losing a head is a wonder to me, but I’m grateful for their bravery.

It’s so fascinating to see things from their perspective, however twisted it may be, and a startling reminder of how dangerous religion can be. These people passionately believe they’re doing the right thing, just as many western religions and nations have in crusades in the past. We are not exempt. Their behavior is nothing new – we’ve shown them how to do it.

What’s most sad to me is watching all the children being brainwashed into this. There are so many kids violently declaring their hatred for the “infidels”, at an age they should be developing who they are on their own.

Islamic State VICE documentary | Children

A whole new generation of extremists.

This is not a battle that will end any time soon.

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