Watch How This Thief Effortlessly Makes Off With A New Phone

I’m curious what prompted this person to record the thief. Was he acting drunk or strange and they innocently hit record, only to strike gold? Did they see the signs and know what was going to happen? Were they involved?

This video reminds me of a man I saw on a train in Chicago. He busted in, all huffing and red. On instinct, I drew all my possessions in, and watched him pace near the doors. At the next stop, he left. No one I was with seemed to notice.

Of course, I speculated that he was running from something. My imagination conjured up images of police wielding batons, or drug cartels seeking payment. Having seen this video, I think I know exactly what the fellow was up to.

The man in this video probably did exactly the same: darted off as soon as the doors close, only to take the next train going the opposite direction. It’s genius, really. All the schedules are laid out in plain sight. It would be easy to practice the timing and map out a quick escape.

Apparently, this happens all the time.

And, sometimes, these people are caught.

Far too often do I see people obliviously wandering about in public, lost in their cellphones or music without any regard to what’s happening around them. Let this video be a lesson to you! If you’re not paying attention, you will be a target.

That, or you’ll just get hit by a car. Whatever.

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