Woodkid – The Golden Age

The Golden Age - Woodkid

Sort of obsessed with this album. I’ve had the music videos preceding it in a YouTube playlist on loop for a full month now, almost annoyed that I don’t have any roommates to torture with it.

While I primarily enjoy the heart-pounding percussion of the singles, this track from the full release struck me as an unexpected favorite.

Where I Live

Where I’m born is where I’ll die
At night I can’t sleep when I try
To forget that I never cheated
That I tried to be strong
No matter how wise I was, I feel wrong
To forget that I never followed
That man that I adored
Who promised me pretty sins and gold

And I’m waiting for the sun


But if you’d rather feel like a big god damned hero, there’s always Conquest of Spaces:

Go buy this shit.

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