So long, 1.0!

The Seventh Umbral Era storyline drew to a close last night and, with it, closed the doors to Final Fantasy XIV’s 1.0 client. Droves of players gathered in Mor Dhona to partake in the final event, during what had to be the busiest hours the game has seen since launch.

Things proceeded about as smoothly as you can imagine. If anything, the event served as a reminder of why this reboot was so very essential. How much could we ever expect from an MMO that can’t handle events on the level of things like Campaign, or Besieged? I won’t lie, I was a little miffed that I ended up watching live streams for two hours rather than participating. But the lack of any large-scale, scripted event took the burn off – really, it was a night of the usual.

The final cinematic brought on goosebumps, and even tears for those of us that have been following the Seventh Umbral story closely. More importantly, it succeeded in sparking interest in those who haven’t been playing. I’ve heard, “Wow, that was epic! What is this?” while ex-players have finally started asking what’s been going on all this time – even expressing regret that they missed out on some of this stuff. That’s really exciting to see, and it’s just the sort of hype SquareEnix needs to build for this relaunch to be successful.

I’m both sad and relieved to see 1.0 go. The game has come a long way under Yoshi-P’s supervision, and it was really exciting to participate in the Seventh Umbral Era. For temporary content, it’s hard to believe that some of those battles beat out even my fondest memories of FFXI.

That said, the last couple of months have felt like a ticking clock. With little in the way of new content being released, I found myself in a rush to absorb as much of 1.0 as I could before it went away. Achievement grinding? It’s not fun, you guys. It will be nice to stop feeling like my every spare moment must be devoted to FFXIV, and approach it a little more casually in the relaunch next year.

I’ve uploaded my final batch of 1.0 screenshots to my Google+ account, which you can check out here. I took a lot of them, knowing that it’s very likely my character will magically transform into a cat man.

What next? Hop back on the Guild Wars 2 bandwagon? Go back to FFXI, and tie up loose ends – namely, Wings of the Goddess? Or spend some time catching up on offline games? How are you folks going to stay occupied? What do people who don’t play FFXIV do all day?

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