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Review: The Fireman, by Joe Hill

The Fireman, by Joe Hill


A plague is sweeping humanity, and the world is ending. People are waking to find “Dragonscale” scribed in odd designs on their skin. A few weeks later, they burst into flames. It’s happening in hospitals. One person ignites, and a chain reaction ensues. Dozens of infected burst into flames all at once, and the hospital is history. Cities burn. Forests are laid to waste.

Harper is a nurse, who fancies herself a modern day Mary Poppins. She cheers the infected with quips about spoonfuls of sugar and chimney songs. Until her hospital goes up in flames.


Cyber Squatting is Lame

So, here’s the thing: about a year ago, I got this Really Cool Job.

Really Cool Job allowed me to travel for months at a time, and I got to do things I didn’t think I would ever get to do.

But, Really Cool Job led to a promotion into Less Cool Job, which involved working insane hours and none of these cool traveling things I was doing before. While working Less Cool Job, I kind of forgot about my neat little blog. And may have, perhaps, forgotten to renew my domain name.

Which was swiftly snatched up by some mouth breathing cyber squatter, who was so kind as to offer it back at the generous sum of $500.

I'll bet Trump is a cyber squatter.

Lesson learned: do not allow your domains to expire.

Luckily, the original domain I wanted was available, so here we are! Erase This is gone, and NathanTrader.com it shall be!

Now that Less Cool Job is out of the picture, I’m looking forward to resume pitching my thoughts into the void.


Move Over, Sparkling Vampires. 2015 is the Year of Dinosaurs!

Some kids grew up with Star Wars, some with Pokémon. Others with Harry Potter. While I love all of these things, I grew up in the time of dinosaurs. Dinosaurs dominated. They were everywhere: The Land Before Time, We’re Back!, Disney’s Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs Before Dark, Turok, Dino Crisis and of course… Jurassic Park.

It was the first adult novel I read. In the way that kids would later recite the Pokédex, I prided myself in my knowledge of all the different dinosaurs and the eras they lived in. My room held a respectable collection of dinosaur figurines, and velociraptor decals loomed menacingly from my walls. The first major piece I performed in an orchestra was the Jurassic Park theme.

Dinosaurs were kind of a big deal.

Then, at some point, a Jurassic Park movie sucked. We found out that dinosaurs had feathers, and nobody knew what to think about that. I think someone suggested the idea of a T-Rex with a peacock fan, and literally everyone lost interest.

Except for some dude who, for whatever reason, began fantasizing about Gay Billionaire Dinosaurs In My Butt. I don’t even know.

Gay Billionaire Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs faded from memory, banished to the underworld of Weird Fucking Erotica. Until now, apparently?

With the release of Jurassic World fast approaching (are you hype? I’m hype!), dinosaurs are popping up everywhere. It’s not just Jurassic World – there’s been an insurgence of dinosaur game releases coming up and now, even Pixar’s announced a dinosaur film. If that doesn’t bring dinosaurs back, I don’t know what will!

You know what this means. It’s time to put your zombies and sparkling vampires back on the shelf. Dinosaurs are back in fashion!

People of my generation! Ready to get your dinosaur on? Here’s a sample of what’s coming up.


Game of Thrones S05E08: Hardhome

Game of Thrones - Season 5


The hype train arrived and delivered. Has there ever been a greater hour of television? Winter has come, and so have I.

!! This post contains SPOILERS for both the books and TV Show !!
Do not proceed if you aren’t caught up with both