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THE LEFTOVERS Season 3 Premiere + The Case for Azrael

When THE LEFTOVERS started, I was certain we’d never see an ending. Nobody would watch this depressing, spiral of a slice’o’life. Like 1% of the world in the first episode, it would depart without getting a final word in.

CARNIVALE had me kind of bitter.

But here we are. A final season! 8 episodes of glorious (and potentially apocalyptic) angst!

Here be spoilers!


Mark Hamill’s Tribute to Carrie Fisher is Absolutely Worth Setting Aside an Hour For

The Star Wars celebration has come and left us reeling with things to watch. If you’re anything like me, you worked through most of it and have no idea where to start. You may even be wondering if you should.

Let me tell you: Yes, you should.

This year stood out from the rest. It wasn’t just some con they chose to debut the trailer at. This was the 40th Anniversary that just so happened to fall after the loss of two of the series most iconic contributors: Carrie Fisher, and Kenny Baker.


[de]Branding: Introducing… Me

I have a theory: the internet encourages multiple personality disorder.

Over the years, I’ve paraded around the internet as many people. It began with the dial-up years. Hellfire rained over news broadcasts as they warned of child abduction after someone disclosed their real name ON THE INTERNET. Sages of local sports and weather forecasts wisely warned against using your name or anything resembling it on your AOL account, lest you find yourself kidnapped and murdered. We were immediately conditioned to adopt an alias for the internet.

At the time, I was hooked on ANIMORPHS. One of the alien creatures, a Hork-Bajir, was introduced as “Jara Hamee”. To this, a main character quipped, “Whoa, your name is Jeremy?” Which was my name, and that stuck with me because I was 11 years old. This scene came back to me as I racked my brain for something to call myself on-line. All my friends lovingly called me Germ, so I married the two and was born unto the internet as Germ Hamee.

Art from a friend of Germ Hamee. A surfer dude. Who lived in Colorado. Yeah, I was 11.

I maintained Germ Hamee for years, and this was pretty simple. Simple, until things got personal, and I felt the need to create another name for my on-line gaming persona. I couldn’t have my gaming friends read about my inner turmoil! For this, I decided on Reyn. Reyn Wilde.

Then, I started marketing myself as a writer. All my favorite writers wrote under pseudonyms, so it seemed natural for me to do the same. I tried J.N. Howell, but eventually settled on Nathan Trader.

This was wildly liberating.


My Favorite Things in 2016!

2016. The Year of the Reaper.

What a wild ride. We lost our heroes, we lost our favorite bars. Goodbye Eagle. Goodbye Black Crown. Some parts of the world were turned inside out and upside down, while other parts put an egomaniac in the highest office of power. Oh? And Pebble? The greatest smart watch there ever was? Gone.


Despite 2016 going down in the books as a Very Terrible Year, it’s actually been a pretty great one for me. Which is wild – I’ve been dreading this year my whole life. The year I turn 30.

But I made it a year of transition, and managed to shift my life in a different direction for this next chapter. I left my stifling, corporate dominated job of 11 years and started new. A new job, in a new home, as I gradually inch closer and closer to city life. I fell in crazy, stupid, mushy love, and was lucky enough to travel. International, for the first time. Iceland, Australia – you were wonderful. But I still like Seattle the best.

It’s been a pretty great year for nerds too. Especially gamers! I’m dizzy from the amount of great games that came out in the last three months alone. Some of these I’ve been looking forward to… since… well, the last time I did one of these posts.

I didn’t get to see, read, or play everything. But here are some of my favorite things I did have time for this year.


Review: Hex, by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Hex, by Thomas Olde Heuvelt


Imagine moving to a new house in a new town. As per our desire to use any excuse to get drunk and have sex tradition, you and your lover christen the house on your first night of residency. In the throes of love, you notice someone standing at the foot of your bed.

Unbelievably still, the witch towers over your naked bodies. Her skin decayed, body draped in chains, her lips and eyes sewn shut. Despite this, you can feel her gaze. She’s watching your every move. If you stand really close, you just may hear the words she’s uttering behind the stitches.